Holistic vitality from farm to tail

Our recipe for vitality starts on the farm, where we work with the seasons and the sunrise, and gather together the nutrient-dense ingredients that make our food so special. From our meats to our actively healthy kitchen garden botanicals, every Vitalin recipe is underpinned by generations of farming experience and nutritional expertise and designed to give dogs a zest for life.

Our History

Vitalin has a strong heritage dating back to the 1950s when the first product ‘Vitalin Original’ was made by Arthur Mills in Ripon, Yorkshire. The success was immediate! It was one of the first commercially produced complete dry dog food in the UK, which then led to the production of other traditional muesli- style foods.

 A few years later in 2010, Vitalin moved to South Leverton on the Lincolnshire – Nottinghamshire border, and in 2016 we moved to our current home, Lodge Farm, just a few miles away in Lincolnshire. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, bringing out new products such as the Vitalin Natural Range and now it’s time to bring Vitalin to the next generation.

We have been mindful of our legacy when creating our new recipes, Vitalin still has vitality at it’s very core, as has been the case since 1953.

Since the first bag of Vitalin Original rolled out of the mill, generations of dogs have enjoyed Vitalin. After all, great health starts with great nutrition!


Our Ethos

Sourcing from British Farms since 1953. The Vitalin brand was born in 1953 in Ripon, Yorkshire. The pet food business grew from a heritage of milling. The first Vitalin recipes were made with locally grown ingredients and we continue to source many of our ingredients locally today.

Nutrient – Dense. Our nutrient-dense recipes are formulated by our expert BSc, MSc, Nutritionists. The recipes are carefully balanced to ensure that they deliver optimum nutrition, in line with UK Pet Food and FEDIAF guidelines. Our new recipes deliver more nutrients per 100g than our previous recipes, so you might be able to feed your dog towards the lower end of the daily amount on the feeding guide. Please do keep an eye on our feeding advice and take a look at the handy guide on your dog’s favourite recipe. Remember, to ensure your dog is at optimum vitality, please do keep an eye on their waist line, there is guidance here, but remember to speak to your veterinary practice if you are unsure.

For Dogs of Every Age. Our “dogs of every age” approach is drawn from our understanding that there’s no clear point at which a dog is “senior”, size, genetics, breed and lifestyle all have a part to play. Instead of including joint support only in recipes for older dogs, we have included the power trio of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM in all of our  standard adult recipes. These inclusions can help to support your dogs joints every day, with the extra  addition of citrus extracts for dental support and our special blend of prebiotics and paraprobiotics, we’re here to support your dogs wellbeing at every age!

Sustainable Sourcing. Where sustainability is concerned we’re always challenging ourselves to improve. We have an ongoing commitment to minimise our impact through sustainable practices, we’ve started by examining our packaging and our supply chain.  Our bags are now recyclable and use 16.02% less fossil fuels than our previous bags, they create 22.75 % less green house gasses, just to give you a few of the headlines. Our bags are also resealable now, properly resealable, so that we can help to keep our precious kibble fresh and tasty for longer while reducing the possibility for waste. We source locally, then from the UK, then Europe and then globally in that order. That’s not to say that we can always get every ingredient from down the road, but we are in Lincolnshire and a lot of things grow here!

Responsibly Reared and Locally Grown. We only source our meats from the UK, as UK farming has some of the highest welfare standards in the world. We work with trusted partners who we have had relationships with for many years and we are extremely proud of this, it also helps us keep our food miles down and quality high.


It all began at Kennel Nutrition in Ripon where our first product, Vitalin Original, was cooked up. A few years later Vitalin Original with Gravy followed.


Following the success of Vitalin Original and Vitalin Original with Gravy, we made Vitalin Royale.


Vitalin Gold Menu was introduced to the muesli range.


Vitalin developed 25kg bags of Vitalin Bitch Diet for breeders.


The Vitalin Natural Range was formulated to cater for dogs of all ages.


The Vitalin brand became part of the Grove Pet Foods business.


We are continuing with our mission to combine years of knowhow with local ingredients to ensure your dog has a tasty and nutritious diet that you can trust.


The Vitalin brand became part of the Cranswick Pet Products family.


Vitalin undergoes a rebrand and product range revamp.

Sustainably sourced and responsibily reared


For all


Locally grown in the British countryside