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Here at Vitalin we know that small dogs have needs all of their own. From a smaller body mass that uses more energy keeping warm, to smaller mouths needing smaller kibble, that’s not too challenging.

Our small breed recipes are made with the complex needs of smaller dogs in mind, not just a smaller version of the big dog recipes. We have higher levels of protein to ensure that smaller tummies with little portions are provided with all the nutrition they need to support their vitality.

With Vitalin’s market leading blend of prebiotics and paraprobiotics providing optimal gut support and our unique combination of herbs and botanicals including apple cider vinegar, honey, nettle, thyme and mint our recipes are specially designed to support your dog’s wellbeing from the inside out.

With choices of our tasty Chicken with Thyme & Root Veg and the delicious Lamb with Mint, small dogs no longer have to put up with just one flavour, they can now choose!

There are some dogs who don’t react so well to chicken as a protein. This inspired us to make Vitalin Lamb with Mint as chicken free as possible. There is no chicken, chicken oil or chicken gravy in the recipe, though we do also make our chicken recipes here at Lodge Farm, our Lamb with Mint uses lamb as it’s single animal protein source.

Our Farm to Tail approach ensures that we source from the UK wherever we can. UK farming has some of the highest welfare standards in the world. We work with trusted partners who we have had relationships with for many years and we are extremely proud of this, it also helps us keep our food miles down and quality high.

For Dogs of Every Age. Our approach is drawn from our understanding that there’s no clear point at which a dog starts to benefit from supplements for older dogs, size, genetics, breed and lifestyle all have a part to play. Instead of including joint support only in recipes for older dogs, or bigger dogs, we have included the power trio of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM in almost all of our recipes , even our small breed adult. These inclusions can help to support your dog’s joints every day, with the extra addition of citrus extracts for dental support and our special blend of prebiotics and paraprobiotics to support healthy gut function, we’re here to deliver all the nutrition that your dogs need!