You can add a little warm water to our products to help release the natural aroma of the foods and make them more appealing for dogs with fussy eating habits, or make them easier to eat for older dogs that may experience problems with this. However, we would recommend feeding these products dry in order to help maintain good oral health.

Fresh drinking water should always be available separately as well.

All of our products are formulated as complete, balanced foods that do not require supplementation. However, we know that people like to treat their dogs and so if you do give them anything extra throughout the day then you must make sure that you reduce their daily serving of Vitalin accordingly.

A feeding guide is printed on the reverse of each bag of Vitalin, which provides instructions as to how much food to offer your dog. Feeding amounts should be based on the ideal adult body weight for your dog and spread across two meals for adult dogs and 3-4 meals for puppies. However, please be advised that this information is given as a guide only and exact feeding amounts should be varied according to your dog’s age, sex, breed, condition and activity levels. Additional help and information can be found in the feeding advice section of the website.

Recommendations are provided by the daily feeding guide on the Vitalin Senior/Lite bag and this should be used in line with your dog’s ideal adult body weight. These amounts have been calculated with weight loss in mind and in accordance with the product’s calorie content. Whilst feeding this product, monitor your dog’s weight to chart their progress. Additional help and information can be found in the feeding advice section of the website.

Please keep in mind that the Vitalin Senior/Lite is a complete food which should be fed alone. It is important to reduce or stop the provision of treats as these can contribute considerably to a dog’s daily calorie intake. These may be in the form of commercial dog treats, but also tinned meat, home cooked food and table scraps. Where treats are given, remember to reduce the amount of Vitalin Senior/Lite given at meal times accordingly.

We strongly recommend consulting your vet who should be able to draw up a weight loss program for your dog. Many veterinary surgeries now offer this service. It is important that weight loss is achieved gradually, especially when a considerable amount needs to be lost. It won’t be effective if amounts are reduced too dramatically and the dog is left feeling hungry as a consequence. As well as a tailored diet, your dog will also need an exercise regime setting up.

Yes, Vitalin Senior/Lite can be used in order to help adult dogs lose weight as well as act as a maintenance diet for those that have a tendency towards weight gain.

Vitalin Puppy is suitable for dogs up to 12 months and should be fed until they reach maturity. This will vary depending on your dog’s breed. The age at which you switch them to an adult food such as Vitalin Adult may also depend on other factors that are individual to your dog. For further help and advice, please complete our nutritional enquiry form or call us on 0844 800 3347.

Please note that when introducing a new Vitalin product into your dog’s diet we advise that this is done gradually over a period of 5-10 days until it replaces all other food in order to prevent any potential digestive upset. Further guidance on how to switch products is available in the feeding advice section of the website.

Vitalin Adult and can be fed to adult dogs, from 1 year onwards. The Vitalin Adult is a grain-free, chicken or duck and potato food or wheat gluten free, lamb and rice food. The product you select will depend on your dog’s feeding preferences and whether they have any food allergies or intolerances. The Lamb & Rice is higher in protein and oil and is therefore recommended for more active dogs and/or those with fussy eating habits.

Our wheat gluten free products have been formulated without wheat, whereas the cereal free Vitalin Adult has been formulated without any cereals (or grains) at all. Gluten is a protein fraction found in certain cereals, including wheat. Therefore cereal free products will also be gluten free.

The use of high quality proteins and oils, easily digestible carbohydrates and botanicals in the Vitalin Natural range makes all of these foods highly palatable. This can be further enhanced by soaking the kibble in a little warm water to help release the natural aromas. The benefit of feeding this product is that because it is higher in protein and oil than some foods, dogs will not need to eat as much to receive a sufficient amount of energy and nutrients. They may also find this product more palatable if they have only been offered more widely available beef or chicken based recipes in the past.

However, fussy eating is sometimes a behavioural issue that requires modification. It is a good idea to combat this, as it avoids making frequent changes to a dog’s diet, which can cause upset to the digestive system. Please contact your vet for advice on approaches to tackling this. They will also be able to rule out any underlying medical conditions first.

We would advise against adding extra meat or other treats to try and encourage your dog to eat more, as this could lead to unwanted weight gain.

The Vitalin Natural range products have been formulated using a holistic approach to nutrition which considers the dog’s overall health and wellbeing. The foods are complete and balanced to deliver all of the key nutrient requirements. These products also benefit from being hypoallergenic, which means that they have been formulated without some of the ingredients commonly associated with allergic reactions in dogs, such as wheat, beef, dairy and soya.

Our products have been formulated using a minimum of 20%, with the Vitalin Puppy and Vitalin Adult containing as much as 30% meat.

These are supplements which have been added to our Vitalin Adult to help maintain joint health and aid repair. Greater levels have been used in the Vitalin Senior/Lite to meet the needs of senior and/or overweight dogs as they are more likely to experience joint problems.

Prebiotic FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) and MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) have been added to help promote a healthy gut and aid digestion. The formulas have also been enhanced with botanicals (fruits, vegetables and herbs) as these have been reported to deliver additional health benefits.

No, we only add natural antioxidants such as rosemary and tocopherol rich extracts to our foods.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here please complete our nutritional enquiry form, email or call us on 01522 778 001.

Vitalin is made in our own factory on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border, so we know exactly what is in our dog food.

We source ingredients from the UK wherever possible, with some of these ingredients even coming from local farms.

We don't currently offer free samples as for most dogs, it is preferable to offer a trial of a new food over a week or two.  For that reason, we offer a personalised discount code giving 25% off your first order. Email or just give us a call on 01522 778 001 for more information.

Guidance on how to switch products is available in the feeding advice section of the website.

Products can be purchased directly from us on this website and Vitalin is also available in all good independent pet shops and country stores. Please contact us at or call us on 01522 778 001 for help in finding your nearest stockist.