Windmill - Vitalin


It all began at Kennel Nutrition in Ripon where our first product, Vitalin Original, was cooked up. A few years later Vitalin Original with Gravy followed.


Following the success of Vitalin Original and Vitalin Original with Gravy, we made Vitalin Royale.


Vitalin Gold Menu was introduced to the muesli range.


Vitalin developed 25kg bags of Vitalin Bitch Diet for breeders.


The Vitalin Natural Range was formulated to cater for dogs of all ages.


The Vitalin brand became part of the Grove Pet Foods family.


Vitalin moved to a more spacious home at Lodge Farm.


We are continuing with our mission to combine years of knowhow with local ingredients to ensure your dog has a tasty and nutritious diet that you can trust.

Vitalin’s history

Vitalin has a strong, long standing heritage dating back to the 1950s when the first product ‘Original’ was made by Arthur Mills in Ripon, Yorkshire. The success was immediate! It was the first commercially produced complete dry dog food in the UK, which then led to the production of other traditional muesli- style foods.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength, bringing out new products such as the Vitalin Natural Range. A few years later in 2011 Grove Pet Foods invested in Vitalin and we brought manufacturing down to the factory on the Lincolnshire – Nottinghamshire border.

We have been mindful of this legacy when creating our products and this has been carried over to the new theme for the Vitalin Natural Range packaging and the enhancements that have been made to provide your dog with additional health benefits.

Since the first bag of Original rolled off the production line, thousands of dogs have been successfully fed on Vitalin.